About Japanese Blossoms

Growing up in Japan, Yuka fell in love with the art of sushi. It was there, in her homeland where she became a sushi master. At twenty three years old a young ambitious Yuka moved to the United States where her skill was quickly recognized by her employer and Chico sushi lovers. Inspired to provide more authentic dishes, Yuka opened Japanese Blossoms restaurant.

The vision for Chico’s Japanese Blossoms restaurant started in Japan and developed over Yuka’s 17 years working at another restaurant. Today you can benefit from Yuka’s passion for a friendly staff, relaxing ambiance and affordable great food.

Yuka is proud of her homeland and wants to bring the best of it to you. She feels Chico’s Japanese Blossoms is the perfect way to do that. Try it for yourself and you will see why Japanese Blossoms is the best choice for sushi in Chico.